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We redesigned the support tool to get out of the way, so you focus on being a helpful human.

Helping your customers with good answers and thoughtful direction should be a breeze, focused 100% on support – and nothing else.

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Built with your customers in mind

Feels personal to your customers

Customers receive emails from your support team just like they would if you had personally sent them. No automated robot-queue junk in each email; just a direct conversation with your users.

Fast, simple features that serve a purpose

Helpful is built for speed. Read messages, assign co-workers to help out, organize, and respond in seconds without ever leaving the inbox.

Choose your communication method

Helpful comes with a embeddable help box you can install on your own website. This lets your customers quickly send you feedback from any page. Needs something even more custom? Use our API.

Unlimited team members

Let everyone on your team talk to your customers without paying any additional costs. Helpful is priced on conversations, not how many seats you need so invite the CEO and even the new intern.

Simple pricing that fits your business as it grows

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 500 monthly conversation threads

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 1,000 monthly conversation threads


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 3,000 monthly conversation threads


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 10,000 monthly conversation threads


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Need to install Helpful behind your firewall? Contact us for a self-hosted license.

Built by the community on Assembly

All product decisions, design mockups, bug reports, new features ideas, and customer feedback are publically available on Assembly. You can chat with the core team or even contribute work of your own and receive part of Helpful's future profits.

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